Danielle Chimes In ...

Danielle Chimes In ...

I guess it's my turn to introduce myself.

Imagine, if you will, being a little girl in a small town in Maine. There are lots of things you're not good at or that you simply can't do because you have craptastic lungs. You can't run around outside. You can't breathe in the spring and fall. You REALLY can't breathe in the winter. You get sick a lot.

But none of that matters to you because you have books. You can go anywhere, be anyone, do anything. You can climb through a wardrobe and find yourself in Narnia. You can feel the One Ring as you clutch it in your sweaty palm. You can fly with dragons on Pern. You can raft down the Mississippi with Huck Finn. You can find the key that will unlock a secret, walled garden and you can know that no one can ever take any of those things from you, no matter how sick you find yourself or what the weather is like outside.

Reading has always given me travel and adventure and knowledge. It let me think beyond myself and discover ideas that I may not have encountered otherwise, and it taught me to understand people and places well out of my circle of experience.

Reading has also taught me hope for humanity. I think we could all use a little more of that, don't you?

Dan and I both love reading and books, and thought that a place where we could talk about those things and share them with other confessed book lovers (or book nerds, as I prefer to call myself) would be awesome. You should note, however, that despite our similarities we do have differences -- the biggest is that he hates spoilers, and I, um, don't. HOWEVER, please know that I will warn you if there is a spoiler ahead in a post so that you have time to turn back if you should so choose. This is not a horror movie -- you are not compelled to check the basement and find out what, exactly, that noise was.

(Unless, of course, you want to...)

Let's get reading!