Welcome to Afterwords! Pull Up a Chair

Welcome to Afterwords! Pull Up a Chair

Dan and I are Book People.

Book People get really excited at the sight of a bookstore or a library. There's something about shelves of books that trigger the joy center in their brains. They become ecstatic at the opportunity to talk about a book, especially if it's a book they love. They lack the "I'm sharing too much" switch that would allow them to stop talking about the book when their audience is bored, because why would you be bored in a conversation about books? That doesn't make sense.

Book People become perplexed when someone says that they don't read. They become visibly agitated when a film based on a book comes out and people see it WITHOUT reading the book. (I had a really hard time even typing that sentence, to be honest. It's so wrong.)

Book People rarely go anywhere without a book because they know that sometimes you have to wait for appointments, or the network goes down, or you have a lunch break and nothing fills that time better than a glorious book. Book People open a new book and inhale the smell of paper, ink, and glue with a look on their face that is euphoric.

We're Book People, and we knew there were MORE Book People out there. A lot more. We wanted to connect with them because -- well, it has started to seem as though the Book People population might be shrinking. We can't have that.

So we made Afterwords and the Afterwords Facebook page. We wanted to make a place where we could connect with other Book People. Where we could reach out about the books we like, and places we like to buy books, and the pros and cons of some things (like e-readers! And used bookstores! And independent bookstores!), as well as introduce indie authors that we know and love. We also want to interact with writers, have giveaways and contests, and generally do the kinds of things that Book People think are super fun.

We think that there need to be more places for Book People to congregate. More places to find reviews of books that are written by other people who love to read -- not people who are critics, necessarily, but people who love words and books and stories. More places where Book People can chill and chat and interact with other Book People.

We hope to make this that space. It's for us, but it's also for our tribe.

Won't you join us?